Why geeks give best sex, and where to find them

Don’t know if it’s a European thing, but I always had a thing for geeks. Geeks are *sexy*! Glad to see the US is catching up with my little fetish :-).

Ok, I know it’s not a super common kink, at least for women (sexy geek girls seem to do just fine),  but a smart, funny guy who codes cleanly, talks dirty and builds a robotic office chair just does it for me. Do a passable Vulcan greeting on top, and my panties magically disappear.

(Too damn bad my geeky sex fiend ex-boyfriend was too professional to do it in a server farm. The hum of all that data power coursing through the maze of servers piled up from floor to ceiling… mmm… I wanted to rip his pants off, but all I could get is a grope or two. I bet that the geek guardians of Above Net – yes, this was long ago – wouldn’t have told on us! Um. I’ll take a quick lie-down now.)

If arm candy of any gender is not enough for you, that sweet, shy guy (or girl) with glasses and a v-neck sweater over a starched shirt or a chemical formula on t-shirt just might pack a surprise of your life… Intelligence and curiosity combined with the lack of worry about fitting in make for an inventive, uninhibited and solicitous lover. Imagination is a best sex toy, and who’s got more than the people who daydream and invent?

Being treated like an object is not a bad thing when you’re treated that way by a geek, ’cause he treats objects lovingly :-). He’ll be excited about finding every button you’ve got, every angle that gives you the most pleasure (down to half a degree). He’ll want to stress-test you (and himself) to a dozen+ orgasms. He’ll ask you “How does it feel when I do *this*”, and prefer an honest answer. He’ll find your g-spot, even if you yourself were never able to (a true story).

As a bonus, you’ll actually have something to talk about afterward. It may be a thorough analysis of your romp with a question and answer session, but s/he’s only doing it to file away more data on what makes you both feel good, so the next time is even more awesome. And by the time you’re done talking, s/he’ll be ready for another round, and so will you.

In the 1984 classic “Revenge of the Nerds“, Lewis tricks a pretty, busty jock’s girlfriend into a romp. After the best sex of her life, she wonders how come he’s so much better in bed. Lewis answers with a classic line: “Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex.” A line to live by ;-).

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*For the course of this article, terms “nerd” and “geek” were treated interchangeably. There’s some argument about whether this is the correct use.

**Don’t expect a geek to read your mind. He knows that’s an illogical expectation outside of a mind meld or this. You have to do your part by providing clear feedback. Geeks don’t have any more patience for messy human ambiguities and unnecessary drama than they do for people who break their computers by banging on the keys in frustration.

***Not all geeks are the same, and not all people who fit geek stereotypes are, in fact, geeks. YMMV. The recent proliferation of “tech bros” will make you work harder to find that genuine geek. Making lots of money in tech doesn’t make one a genuine geek. Tech girls, on the other hand, seem to still be in it for the joy of geekdom. Pro tip: Get him talking about his projects. If he spends an excited and happy hour talking about tech, he’s a keeper. If he’s focusing on how much money he made & how important he was for the success of the project, throw him back into the dating pool and try again.

****Yes, I’m a geek.