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Maison D’ Aphrodite

Welcome to Maison D’ Aphrodite – A Boutique Fusion of Sensual Massage and Tantra 
Incall – East Bay, San Francisco

Available for: CMT Massage/Tantra, Kink, Massage

Step into the intimate realm of Maison D’ Aphrodite, where the artistry of Sensual  Massage seamlessly intertwines with the profound wisdom of Tantra. Our boutique collective is a haven curated for those seeking a unique blend of therapeutic touch and spiritual exploration, delivered by skilled practitioners dedicated to your holistic well-being.

Meet Our Artisans: Crafters of Sensuality and Connection 

At Maison D’ Aphrodite, our practitioners are more than just masseuses and tantra guides; they are artisans who have mastered the intricacies of sensual  massage and the spiritual depths of tantra. Each artisan contributes a distinctive skill set, ensuring that your experience is a harmonious fusion of relaxation, pleasure, and spiritual connection.

Boutique Fusion: Tailored Indulgence 

Indulge in the boutique experience where each session is meticulously tailored to cater to your individual desires. Whether you seek the therapeutic release of Sensual  massage or the soulful journey of tantra, Maison D’ Aphrodite  ensures that your experience is a bespoke offering, a fusion of tactile pleasure and spiritual exploration.

Tantra and Sensual  Massage: Elevate Your Senses 

Experience the ancient art of tantra and the therapeutic benefits of central massage in tandem. Our practitioners guide you through rituals, breathwork, and expert touch, creating a sanctuary where body and spirit converge. This boutique fusion is designed to awaken your senses, deepen relaxation, and foster a connection with your inner self.

 Your Sanctuary of Holistic Well-Being 

Trust, communication, and respect form the cornerstone of Maison D’ Aphrodite’s boutique sanctuary. This is a space where vulnerability is celebrated, and every interaction is a consensual exploration of desires. Rediscover the sense of trust and connection as you embark on a journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery with our boutique collective of artisans.

Elevate Your Experience: Book Your Unique Session 

Indulge in the boutique fusion of sensual  massage and tantra at Maison D’ Aphrodite. Explore our offerings, and book your bespoke session to enter a world where boutique sensuality meets therapeutic excellence, creating a unique experience of bliss, relaxation, and spiritual connection.

We are 2 beautiful incall spaces Walnut Creek and Union Square San Francisco .