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Welcome, fellow hedonist.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Incall – East Bay

Available for: Escorts, Kink, Visiting

I’m Trinity, your companion in the joyful rites of ecstasy, an explorer of the deep and rich waters that stir body, mind, and spirit. To ride these waves, you must be a selective connoisseur of the most refined tastes, a dedicated acolyte of awareness, presence, and passion.  You want more than the simple pleasures of the body; you want to be met in the expansive, eternal spaces we’ll create together.  I want to meet you in the electric charge of skin on skin, in the heady thoughts of luxurious adventure, in the places where we can no longer tell where one of us stops, and the other begins.

I was gifted with a lush, curvaceous body; it has been described in song as, “An LA face with an Oakland booty.”  I am strong, and soft in all the right places.  My deep chocolate colored eyes can be fallen into; my lips promise reward.  I tend to prefer light makeup and a range of habiliments, though I do enjoy reasons to dress.

You will *always* get the best of me, regardless of the type of encounter you select; it is also true that for the chosen very few, a wilder, unbridled ride awaits.

Are you ready?

As if my standard offerings were not enough, there is more.  Oh, so much more.  The deeper I get to go, the more I  become electricity, unconfinable to any one container.  I become empty, a willing vessel to carry your fiercest passions to a predictable yet unknown destination.  The magic of kink and debauchery, the power of energy exchange sparks up every light in the house of my soul. One of my favorite sensations is the feeling I get when someone looks at me the way a snake looks at a baby bird just before the snake eats it. I want to be devoured.

I am what one might describe as a superswitch, or ‘vers.’  Let me break down both sides of this priceless coin…

The Submission:
I find my center, my true self, in submission.  I have decades of experience, playing on the edges, in the shadows.  I am well-trained, have taught and demo-bottomed extensively for BDSM classes, and have trained other submissives for their Dominants.  Power exchange scintillates and fascinates me.  I am an exquisite bottom/submissive.  One of my great joys is relinquishing the reins, my heart and body both kneeling before you.  I don’t dance along the edge; I am a deep-sea diver, a siren, made of mermaid dreams and razor-sharp shells.  I am Grace in service: whether I bring you a tasty beverage or bring you to the edge of infinity, your desires will be quenched.

The appropriate partner for me in these darker delights and adventures understands that submission is not a thing that can be taken; it can only be given to those who show sufficient attention and care to treasure and nurture it.  This privilege must be earned.

In a kink session, we will dance along the waves of energy exchange; there is always the promise of going harder, deeper; to truly experience me at my depths, you must build trust with me, and earn your place above me by proving, through a few standard kink encounters, that you treat submission as a gift from Spirit.  We can dance in kinky spaces, but to receive the gift of my full and honest submission, to gain access to the secret chambers of my gift, requires the true, personal Mastery of your Self.

I love kink.  The energy sparks emitted by a clear, healthy power exchange is utterly intoxicating to me.  The activity is the vehicle for my most-treasured sensations of being able to let go, to fully place myself in the hands of a cruel yet loving, masterful yet empathic, wicked yet playful partner.  Are you the one?  Are you skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to harness my power and drive us to ecstasy?

Trusted dominants are those deemed capable of holding me while I explode into shards of light and magic.  I crave access to the primal: intimate contact with howling winds of fury and fire that reside in all of us.  I love letting that animal-shaped-like-me free, to frolic and moan, to dance along the sword’s edge and scream “I Live!” into the void.

The Domination:

Due to the depth and breadth and scope of my practices, I also enjoy the other edge of the blade that is kink; the depths of my passionate submission lets me access its twin: Dominance.   Because of the power bottom that I am, I am a uniquely empathetic, relentless, and twisted Domme. I’ve been in your shoes. I know the yearning for sweet surrender that you crave. I’m an ideal service top because I have walked both edges of the blade.  You can trust that, when things happen, I will know exactly how you feel.  I can play the music of power exchange on the strings of your heart, and other parts, because my bones know those songs.——————————————
– Amenities include: Centrally located, Easy parking, Close to public transportation, Clean environment, Showers with unscented soap, Sturdy massage tables, unscented lotions and oils, Clean linens.
-Call or email now, phones are open M-F 10-6, appointments available starting at 11am through a start time of 7pm.
– Screening is Required- We make it as easy, safe and fast as possible, several options are available to choose from, please see website for more info.
– We invite all kind and respectful people to visit, please know you are welcome. We do not discriminate on race, ethnicity, ability or disability. Space is wheelchair accessible.
– We are all looking forward to meeting you, having you be our priority, and meeting with joyful authenticity.